Leftists Claim 'Unplanned' Movie Is Going To Lead To Terrorism


By Paul Joseph Watson

Republished with express permission from the executive editor, Alex Jones. Please click the link above to read the original article. Analysis posted below the article is the opinion of Chadwick H. Fairbanks III.


Some leftists reacted to the pro-life Unplanned movie by claiming it could spark domestic terrorism.

The movie tells the story of one of the youngest Planned Parenthood directors who becomes a pro-life activist after assisting in the abortion of a thirteen week old baby.

Last month, the Twitter account associated with the movie was briefly suspended but quickly restored after a backlash.

Now some leftists are claiming the movie will radicalize people on the right to carry out violent attacks.

“Unplanned,” a shameless anti-abortion propaganda film playing in thousands of screens throughout the country, could easily radicalize people and incite violence,” tweeted NY Mag’s Callie Beusman.

Unplanned is a Movie That Could Get Someone Killed, screeched a headline by Caitlin Moscatello published by the Cut.

We heard similar warped rhetoric following criticism of Rep. Ilhan Omar for her description of 9/11 as “some people (who) did something”.

No. Communicating pro-life views or criticizing dumb statements made by Democrats does not mean you are ‘inciting violence’ – period.

This is just another callous effort to shut down dissent and diversity of opinion, which the left hates.

ANALYSIS: Abortion is murder and murder is not constitutional. The SCOTUS has completely ignored hundreds of years of legitimate legal jurisprudence by upholding Roe v Wade. The SCOTUS used to refer to African-Americans as only 2/3 human beings for over 70 years before it reversed itself. The SCOTUS is wrong on many cases that need to be reversed including Roe v Wade. A woman does not have a special exemption to commit murder because of the gestational disposition of another human being. Furthermore, we don’t even have an equitable application of this sick and Satanic court ruling that allows a process that is nothing more than a scientifically-veiled form of ancient ritualized child sacrifice that every Pagan religion has practiced for thousands of years.

For instance, a woman is allowed to abort a fetus because its not really a human being as its just genetic tissue that is not divinely sovereign. If that were true, then how come men get charged with double homicides when they kill pregnant women whether intentional or not? If a fetus isn’t a person, then its impossible to murder it whether its through abortion or killing the host mother. Furthermore, if a fetus is just tissue and not a person, then how come abortions don’t require permission from the fathers? After all, a fetus isn’t just maternal genetic tissue that’s completely organic to a woman’s body, it’s a unique piece of genetic material that exists only because it’s comprised of 50% DNA from a man’s body - the father. If fetuses aren’t humans, then what we really have is a property rights issue. Both the mother and father are equally and legally entitled to the fetal genetic tissue as it wouldn’t even exist without an equal DNA contribution from the both of them. Just because the joint fetal tissue is stored and gestated in the woman’s body by no means precludes or negates the man’s legal claim over the tissue. Therefore, abortions without the father’s consent is a violation of contract law since the existence of fetal tissue is a prima facie deed that there are two owners - a woman AND a man!

While I applaud the Utah Legislature and Gov. Herbert for taking measures to reduce abortions, its not nearly enough. The Governor can instruct the Health Department to require abortion facilities to also collect informed consent for the abortion from the father as well as the mother in order to perform an abortion. The Governor can default to the contract laws that are already on the books to enforce this extra measure that would GREATLY reduce abortions in more significant numbers.