Governor Herbert's Five Point Plan on Righting The Party

By Bob McEntee

Adapted and republished with express permission from original author, Bob McEntee, who was also in attendance with me as a fellow executive committee member. Please click the link above to read the original article. Analysis posted below the article is the opinion of Chadwick H. Fairbanks III.

July 2018, Utah Republican Party Headquarters, State Executive Committee Meeting

This was my first state executive committee (SEC) meeting as the Chairman of the newly formed Utah Republican Veterans Caucus (URVC). It was quite a full conference room with Governor Gary Herbert, Speaker Greg Hughes, and National Committeeman Thomas Wright in attendance along with some media personnel and most of the SEC which now included me.

The Governor, also an SEC member, pitched his 5-point plan to right the Utah Republican Party (URP). I thought the plan was well thought out and reasonable and I whole-heartedly agreed to its implementation. Unfortunately, that plan was never realized because it was never implemented and I think that has been a major disservice to the URP. Now that I’m running for UTGOP State Party Chair, I think all Republicans should know what the Governor’s plan was and how I intend to implement that plan on 05 MAY 2019 should I be elected.

Below are the five points of the plan:

1. Remember Ronald Reagan’s 11th Commandment: Thou shalt not speak ill of thy fellow Republican.

While the Governor understands there will always be internal divisions in the party, his comments indicated that we shouldn’t go negative in public against each other, especially on social media. He implored us to remember that President Reagan said, “Someone who agrees with you 80% of the time is not an enemy, but a friend and an ally.”

2. Do it right: Follow the Established Process.

We have rules in the URP and just like in government, everyone needs to respect and follow those rules. If our current Parliamentarian has misled the party or acted unethically (as the National Association of Parliamentarians (NAP) found after a complaint from an SCC member), then we need to get a new Parliamentarian for a fresh start in order to rebuild trust.


3. Legal Counsel: We Need an In-House Counsel.

Since the party was facing an ADA lawsuit and it is not uncommon to need legal advice, the URP needs to have legal counsel on hand at all times. While counsel doesn’t necessarily need to be a full-time staffer, the URP could benefit from a mixture of a firm held on retainer, an attorney hired as needed, or a lawyer willing to pro-bono lecture the SCC on our legal matters in exchange for MCLE credits in accordance with the Utah State Bar.

4. The URP Needs a full-time Executive Director: We are a full-time Party.

It’s not fair to the URP and Republican Nominees to rely on a part-time Executive Director. The URP Executive Director needs to be paid a commensurate salary and this can only be accomplished by fundraising that meets the various budget line items so we can have great support in the URP HQ.

5. Fundraising from the Grassroots & SB-54. 

The Governor urged all Republicans to start giving again so the URP can operate with a positive balance sheet so it can focus more on recruitment and elections. He offered to lend his own visibility to fundraising events to help jumpstart the process. The Governor recommended letting the SB-54 lawsuit run its course (which it now has) and be thankful that Mr. Dave Bateman, CEO of Entrata, has taken over those legal costs. The Governor was adamant that fighting about SB-54 just creates contention and since the legal cost was already paid that it behooved the URP to see what the courts would have to say.

ANALYSIS: The Governor’s 5-point plan should be enacted right away. I will waste no time creating the roadmap necessary to realized these goals ASAP! The SCOTUS has spoken. All inter-Party fighting over SB54 will cease at once. The SCC hardliners, who insist that SB54 is illegal, already respect my leadership and will abide by my requests for them to take their fight against SB54 outside of the Party.