Californication of Utah: Red to Purple

Please click the link above to read the original article. Analysis posted below the article is the opinion of Chadwick H. Fairbanks III.

ANALYSIS: Californication of Utah is a perfect metaphor to describe what’s happening to our beautifully conservative state that is flourishing because we have the healthiest balance and perspective of God, Country, and Family. Californication was an original Showtime television series about a man named Hank Moody who would get himself into all kinds of sexually perverse debauchery as a bachelor living in Venice Beach, CA all the while trying to piece back together his broken and estranged family (ex-wife/daughter). There’s plenty of drug use, gay and straight sexual orgies, as well as good old-fashioned dysfunctional human behavior and relationships.

The show represents a perfect microcosm of the social norms in California that are starting to make their way here to Utah. California is an incredibly failed state and also a perfect example of what happens when a state goes from fully red 60 years ago to beyond blue today - complete and utter financial, political, and spiritual collapse. Subsequently, Californians, most of whom are Democrats, are leaving there in droves. According to the article above, 23,000 Californians alone immigrated to Utah in 2016 and according to other polls, 40% of Californians plan to leave the state in the next year!

The main problem with California Democrats emigrating from California to more successful conservative bastions with strong economic engines and personal liberties is that they bring their “Californication” with them. California Democrats haven’t figured out that their incredibly Socialist/Communist/Progressive way of life is what has collapsed the once Golden State which has in turn driven them out. Like a horde of Marxist zombies, once they’ve consumed and cannibalized their own areas, they spread out looking for more resources to steal, kill, and destroy as they propagate the self-righteous tenets of a political system that murdered over 200 million human beings in the previous century. The UTGOP has a tremendous responsibility as does the TXGOP to maintain their respective sovereign states in this Republic as conservative as humanly possible to serve as the antithesis to evil control paradigms and to shine as the “gold standard” of how a sub-set of people should self-govern. Let the article above serve as a warning and a wake-up call. The time to act is now.